Niffty Ag in Australia

Niffty Ag showcasing their equipment in Australia-

Niffty Ag will be attending the National Biological Farming Conference in Cairns Australia October 28, 29 & 30 2016.

Steven Peterson, Founder of Niffty Ag, and David Stanners will be demonstrating Niffty Ag equipment and speaking at the conference on the benefits and techniques of strip-till. They will be demonstrating Niffty Ag equipment in field trails in with their local dealer Ben Poggioli of Tillage Solutions Australia. There has been significant interest in the P-50 Sugar Cane Residue Management Unit, Sugar Cane Opener as well as the P-38 Raised Bed tillage Unit- all of which are ideal for Sugar Cane farmers. There will also be demonstrations of the very popular Gen 3 Stip Till Unit.

If you are attending the National Biological Farming Conference in Cairns you can see the demonstration on Friday October 28th on one of the tours or by attending Ben Poggioli’s farm in Tolga on the 28th. If you are in Australia but cannot attend the conference there will be other demonstrations in the weeks before the conference. After the conference the demonstrations will be in the Toowoomba and Brisbane area. If you would like any further information regarding the details, contact Ben Poggioli on 0407 590 335 (in Australia) or Steven Peterson on 309 335 6354 (in USA).

More information regarding the conference please visit at their website:

Link to the National Biological Farming Conference Facebook

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