Welcome to Niffty Ag Strip Till Solutions

Niffty Ag designs, manufactures and markets innovative strip till equipment. The purpose of our equipment is to increase efficiency, productivity and yield. Niffty Ag equipment benefits the farmer with savings in time and fuel– reduced number of tillage passes allowing for more timely planting, fertilizer – up to 30% cost reduction with banding of nutrients vs. broadcasting, water – less soil disturbance means less evaporation, and soil –increased soil organic matter reduces erosion and helps lower soil compaction.

Our equipment has been designed by farmers with the farmer in mind! Our hands on experience in the field helps us understand what is required to achieve excellent results. We have listened to our customers to ensure their requirements for quality, adjust-ability and flexibility have been incorporated into the design of our strip till equipment.

Quality is fundamental to our philosophy. Niffty Ag strip till equipment is produced using the highest quality components, US T1 grade steel, high load agricultural bearings and tungsten embedded high wear parts. Our manufacturing facility is professional, quality focused and certified ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The Niffty Ag Story

Niffty Ag was created by Steven Peterson, a 4th generation corn and soybean farmer, with help from his father, Stubby Peterson, in Galesburg Illinois. After years of looking for better ways to farm and trying all kinds of other equipment and techniques Steven started making his own tooling and tillage equipment. This soon led to Steven  collaborating  with other farmers and experimenting, prototyping and ultimately creating a business producing quality Strip Till Equipment- Niffty Ag.

The philosophy has always been to produce the best quality, most rugged and flexible tillage equipment with the fundamental goal of reducing the number of passes through the field. The equipment must also be adjustable for a wide variety of conditions and farming methods.

After years of producing strip till units we now have many different models suited to all types of applications.

Niffty Ag are continuing to develop new equipment and are always looking to improve our methods – to help you improve yours.

What We Do

Niffty Ag designs, manufactures and markets top quality strip till equipment for a variety of applications. We currently have six models of strip till units which-offer a range of flexibility to cover and adapt to all farming conditions and requirements.

How We Can Help You

Niffty Ag can help the producers who are considering the move to strip till as well as the seasoned veteran looking for a better solution.  For producers making the transition to strip till, we want to assist you from the start by helping you understand the complete process and what equipment best suits your needs.