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NifftyAg, Inc. was founded in 2012 and started with the belief that we could design and build a bigger and better strip till unit. A strip till unit that was affordable, user friendly and adaptable for multiple farming practices. A strip till unit that would truly define New Innovations For Fertility Tillage Yield!

NifftyAg, Inc. not only manufactures and sells the product; we use the P-40, P-47 and P-51 units on our custom application tool bars, thus giving us a chance to test new ideas and better understand the demands of strip till in every kind of weather and soil related situation. We can back it up with over 10 years of strip tilling experience and 75,000 acres in the books.

NifftyAg, Inc. has expanded into new markets since its inception. We listened to what the consumer wanted, took their ideas and designed and built them a product that would work specifically for their needs. From the P-38 on laser leveled land in Australia, the P-47 in hay and vegetable beds in southern California to the P-50 in sugar cane beds in Texas and Louisiana.

NifftyAg, Inc. is located in Galesburg, Illinois. All products are made and assembled on site and all steel used is made in the USA. We have dealers in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas and California to better serve your needs. NifftyAg, Inc. is big enough to deliver LARGE projects, but small enough to custom design very specific high value crop tillage devices. To go with our in-house engineering, we have two CNC Vertical Milling machining centers with plans to add a third; giving us the ability to test our products on site. Having these capabilities allows us to make sure everything is right and to deliver custom designed units and parts in a short time.

At NifftyAg, Inc., we are always working on newer and better designs to promote more biological activity along with better soil granulation. We are currently testing new designs and methodologies for advanced strip till that have never been seen before in the marketplace. We feel this will better suit all future strip till growers. If testing continues successfully throughout the summer months across the United States, there will be limited availability for fall delivery. Stay tuned!

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